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13 August 2011 @ 10:42 pm
You where my only friend.  
Today as I was working, I stopped along the way to make this short tutorial on how to make a basic stencil, with an aged look. I'll be using an Apeture Science logo as the base of the tutorial, but they principles apply to any design you want.

Things you will need:

Some thick paper (you can do it with regular paper but it's a bit tough)
Exacto knife
green scrub sponge
Shirt, hoodie, or whatever you're stenciling onto
Piece of Cardboard
I found this Vector on Deviantart most handy for making any size you want.
Stencil glue or a glue stick

Use an exacto to cut the image out where you are want the paint to show through. DON'T BE STUPID-use a cutting board, and don't cut yourself.

Use your stencil glue and apply to the back side of the stencil.


Wait ten minutes!! If you don't the glue will stick to the fabric and won't come off. The glue should be tacky, not wet.

Put a piece of cardboard under the fabric so you have a hard surface to work on, also so you don't get paint on the floor.

Press it down hard, so it sticks completely.

Mix your paint. I used silver, blue, and a little glow in the dark. Mix thoroughly.

Time for that green scrubby! You can use a smaller piece than this if you want.

Dab your stencil lightly, don't move it, or smear with you, or you will likely lift the stencil and you won't have crisp edges.


Do not remove the stencil until it's dry. Just be patient, this is a test. There will be cake if you pass.

When dry, carefully peel stencil off, and use a hot dry iron to set the paint. Wear and Enjoy!

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