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28 June 2011 @ 07:32 pm
I told you Picture would be comming today, and here they are. And these are but an appetizer, for Thursday I am hosting a photoshoot with several of my most favorite Models Indago, and Sarey. Sonny Castillo is going to shoot them, and I believe Indago is bringing someone to do make up, and Sarey is an incredibly talented make up Artists as well, I'm so excited. Make up and cameras (as you will see shortly lol) are not my strongest suit, Dress is. So you should be seeing those some time next week I'm sure.
Tomorrow I'm going down to the ND to look at their stage curtains, and any other sewing projects they might find around the Venue for me to do. I'm excited for the opportunity to show another side of my sewing skills to someone who would otherwise never know I had this skill. (not to mention, their paying me, so, there ya go ^^)
Afterwards I am meeting some friends from out of town, who are commissioning me to make them Twilight Princess Zelds and Link costumes. I'm pretty excited, I've always wanted to make a Zelda dress, and it will be so fun with my Princess Peach dress!
So shortly I'll have a very full plate, but untill then, I went shopping yesterday and made some wonderful thrift finds (which I will post later as well) so I could keep working hard at the machine.

First, another Simple Black Shrug, this one will be for sale shortly

Make her laugh just like Jim Carrey, I'm like the Cable Guy Collapse )

After The hello Kitty Shrug sold I knew I had to make more that where similar in styling. Instead Kitty, I used Spidey on this one. ^^ I'm really happy with!
But what she sees Is that I can't live without her Collapse )

These next two... things....Are my newest creations. I was coming home from Kira's house and this... thing... came into my head, and I knew I was on to something!! This was my prototype, and where I am not extremely pleased with it, I learned alot about how to make the next ones! ^^
My arms belong around her And I'm so glad I found her once again Collapse )

So after making that set, I started on another more simple version. The Patch work choker was really uncomfortable, so this one I made from black cotton bedsheets so that they can absorb sweat but stay cool and comfortable.

Found her once again Collapse )

You think I'm done? Hell No I'm not done!!

At the thrift store yesterday I picked up this fun geometric pattern bed sheet and make it into a beautiful plus sized sundress (I'm quite upset I didn't make it for myself, as per the norm I guess LOL. In the process of putting in the zipper I sewed through my finger, and on reflex pulled my hand back so fast I snapped the needle tip off in my finger. Blessedly, I did not bleed on the fabric, and that is what really matters LOL.
I'm so glad I found her once again Collapse )

Poll #1756958 Embelishments

What kind of Embelishments would you like to see on this dress?

Belt or Sash
I'll tell you below!

Ok ok!! I'll stop! I'll stop! I have more to share with you, darling fashion monsters, but I'll simply have to tell you later.
For now I'm going to watch the Lord of the Rings Blu Ray Extended cuts, and smoke a bowl of Longbottom Leaf with Frodo Baggins ^^

Don't forget to be fabulous
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27 June 2011 @ 01:22 am
Sorry followers, that I have been quiet much of this last week! Today was my first day back at the machine, and I must say, I'm quite pleased what a days worth of work has brought me! I hope to have pictures of everything up by this time tomorrow. It's much to dark to try and take pictures of anything.
I'm planning a photoshoot in the near future with some of my best models, and a new photographer. I'm excited to get to show off my newest creations, on such lovely ladies!
Secret October, a boutique here in Austin, takes clothes on consignment, I am thinking about taking some of my clothes down there to see if they might be interested. It's a slim chance, but you cannot win if you do not try after all.

I am also proud to announce that Shinshay Originals is being worn in 6 countries world wide, my most recent sale was to Greece! It makes me really happy to know that my creations are traveling so far, improving wardrobes, and protecting good girls from bad fashions, where ever they go!

Shinshayoriginals is now part of the Etsy Team Mom's Basement! At mine, or any other shop in the circle enter the coupon code MOMSBASEMENT for 10% off!

I also just returned to using my Twitter! So if you use Twitter please follow me @PennyRain ^^

Thats all for tonight. Please take my silence as a sign that I am hard at work!
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Well I've been a bit bust over the last few days. Not just sewing projects, (which I have made some new stuff, but I haven't taken picture of them yet LOL) but I revamped the website. Now when you type in www.shinshayoriginals.com it will take you to my portfolio website, with links to my shop. Try it out, or click here and be transported to a new site full of fashion-y goodness!


Also, I've just been hired by the Examiner.com to be write articles about Austin's budget fashion, local trends, and eco fashion. I'm really excited about it too, I've already written my first article and am now just waiting for things to get set up. You can bet I will link through from here to there so you can enjoy everything Austin has to offer as far as cheap fashion finds from local artist and thrift shops!

Not working on anything right now, but will be starting on cosplay for San Japan very shortly! Also, wedding dress and other wedding type stuff on the near horizon. It will be the greatest nerd wedding of all time! LOL

Time for coffee!

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11 June 2011 @ 05:20 pm


Less than 24 Hours left to bid on this one of a kind Hello Kitty Bolero!

Web Shop
Web Portfolio

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Phewww! This morning I've been really busy! I'v been watching King Gainer and sewing nonstop since yesterday. Nothing like a good mindless mech anime to help me zone out! LOL

First things I did this morning was make a prototype nightgown out of an old bed sheet. The color is pretty ugly, but it's comfy, and for myself, so who cares LOL


I'm gonna go go go there's no stopping meCollapse )

Then, moving right along,
this next piece I whipped up to sell on eBay or something. Things are tight here, so I'm trying to make some extra money by making a few things for quick sale and this is one of them.
One size fits most. High Quality Sweatshirt fabric (smooth on the outside, fuzzy on the inside, hood lined with official hello kitty bed sheets. Embroidered detail on sleeve and metal clasp.
$50 or make offer!

I'm burning through the sky yeaCollapse )

Next next- i took one of Kira's fave hoodies and gave it a new life.
It WAS a GIANT Jnco hoodie. It was like an old friend, with all it's holes and worn stops. I patched it up, and cut that baby down to a comfortable, and more attractive size!! <3

Two hundred degrees that's why they call me Mr. FahrenheitCollapse )

Last, as a thanks to Vicki for all the help lately I asked her what she wanted me to make for her.
She asked for a cute apron that looked like an apron we found on the internet. i told her it was no problem and here's what I made!

I'm traveling at the speed of lightCollapse )

I thought I was going to sew more, but instead I think I'm done, as I'm going to sing karaoke with Kira later! I luv to sing ^^

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03 June 2011 @ 07:10 pm
Well, I finally got the sewing room all cleaned up after the fashion mess that has been left there over my vacation. I love it when my sewing space is clean. Everything is where it should be, and the room seems to big- that is until I'm waist deep in fabric scraps, threads, and pattern pieces. Uh... funny how messes make it feel so small.
Anyways, with all the excitment around here lately, I've been neglecting my promises to make things that friends have asked for, or I owe them so i started on getting those things done today!

I first Finished Eno's Pajama set, she loaned her body to art and let me use her to make patterns for plus sizes. It return I made her a special pair of Pajamas with my greatest bed sheet score to date!

And I want lots of friend's to invite me to their partiesCollapse )

Next, I've been working on a project with my friend Kira to give her wardrobe a much needed boost. So I'm making her a few simple items. I've already finished one black ruffled skirt, put some straps on a dress she already had, as well as made her a great shrug (that I'm so jealous of i'm making myself one.... right now....)

I don't wanna change, I don't wanna be ashamedCollapse )

I'm off to save another young woman from a life filled with boring clothes!!

May shai'hulud clear the sands before you-
princess Alia <3 me
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01 June 2011 @ 12:13 am

Don't let a moment pass you by!
Shinshay Originals was featured by Raw Artists last week in Austin Texas! The fashion show was absolutely a success!
Don't let all of the best Upcycled clothes on the internet!
Reduce - Reuse - Refashion

Fashion show PhotosPhotobucket

I'm way to exhausted to write all about the lovely fashion we put on Thursday night, so Instead, I'm going to leave you with the flickr set, and you can just see for yourself how frikken amazing it was!!!

THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED!! my models, photographers, and the production staff!
Now Get the the fucking pictures!


I'm all outta Angst!!

<3 me
16 May 2011 @ 11:39 pm
I'm on vacation right now, with my SO, traveling all over California. This past weekend we where in fort bragg, and i was freezing, just as i was saying 'man i wish i knew where a thrift store was', there one was!!
So I popped into this very tiny thrift store, I was surprised because it was pretty busy. Turns out it was 50% off everything day! So i got a real vintage coat for 2.00!! I also picked up a make up bag, and two cute, basic tee's got a total of 8 bucks! Now that's a shopping spree I can feel good about!


thrift store finds, and beautiful beaches!Collapse )

And that's all for now! Getting ready for the fashion show when we touch down! ^^

Much love and aloha

P.s. We had breakfast at Butter cream bakery in Napa Valley Ca! YOU"VE got to try this place, you can't miss they pink and white striped paint job!
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09 May 2011 @ 12:16 am
So I'm heading out to sunny (and hopefully less hot) California tomorrow morning. Should be a good time, if nothing else, I'll get to spend good time with my S.O. ^^

Yesterday I did an Artshow with RAW Austin, the same people with whom I am participating in a live art night at the end of the month showing off my spring line in their fashion show!
Follow the link for details and tickets!!

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