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27 July 2011 @ 02:23 pm
Hello Kitty Bolero with Hobbit Hood!  

I got my main sewing machine back today so I'll be pounding out ALOT of new work aver the next few days. Remember if you see something you like, I'll give you a  great pre-sale deal on it, if you email me@ lorelei at shinshayoriginals.com

This is only partially upcycled. The Sweatshirt knit is new, and the official Hello Kitty fabric is from vintage bedsheets. The sleeve is embroidered with 'Hello Beautiful' in Pink and lavender and the font is a heart with hello kitty inside, satin stitched on with pink thread!

Well It's back to this great Super Robot Wars Mission, and the sewing machine.

"With my freeze ray I will stop-"

<3 Lorelei

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