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24 July 2011 @ 04:23 pm
Now I need some Lasagna and A Nap  

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My dear Friend Steph asked me to make her a skirt like the Power Rangers summer skirt that is on my webshop. But Since I'm committed to one of a kind items I told her she could pick some other bedsheets besides power rangers (also I didn't have enough PR fabric left), and she picked the Garfield I had on hand! And here is the long promised skirt I made for her!

Laying on the floor so you can see just how full the skirt is! Wearing it over my jeans doesn't do it much justice! this style of skirt looks amazing on girls that have some junk in the trunk. Saddly I have Noassatall syndrome, But Steph has a magnificent backside, that will flatter the skirt as much as the skirt will flatter her ass-ets!

They see me Twirllin'

All we need is Love and Beer,

Lorelei <3


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