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23 July 2011 @ 03:42 pm
Tumblr-ing on.  

Well I got a Tumblr, so I will be doing the bulk of my posting from now on over there,  BUT I have figured out how to copypasta my posts from there, to here so I will try and keep up the x-posting for those on my Flist who like it here. In a few months I will probably abandon this journal for the most part in favor of Tumblr. I've been a LJ-er since like 2002, and I love it here, but Tumblr is just more assessable for the rest of the world who doesn't love LJ as much as we do!
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CC'd from Tumblr:

So I finished my Sochie Costume yesterday! This is just a test run of my make up and costumes. I haven't not purchased the gloves I need, so I don't have them on yet, but I will before the convention. I would call it a 8 hour costume, done over three days.

Also my hair is way long right now, I'm getting a hair cut (and a facial, yeah!) on Monday for perfect style (but not color) Sochie hair.

I forgot how much I love making cosplay. It's so fun, and makes no sense haha.

The goggles and Ring where made by Zappa_slave using his Overskill! Thye look so awesome!


I'm excited for San Japan! Now to finish my Prop for Trixie/Michi, and find a new skirt for Rally Vincent (I've lost way to much weight since I wore it last >.<)

I guess It's back to the sewing machine. Or WoW I can't really make a decision on this yet. LOL

Much love and aloha,


P.S. Take this is Dangerous to go Alone

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