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13 August 2011 @ 10:42 pm
Today as I was working, I stopped along the way to make this short tutorial on how to make a basic stencil, with an aged look. I'll be using an Apeture Science logo as the base of the tutorial, but they principles apply to any design you want.

Things you will need:

Some thick paper (you can do it with regular paper but it's a bit tough)
Exacto knife
green scrub sponge
Shirt, hoodie, or whatever you're stenciling onto
Piece of Cardboard
I found this Vector on Deviantart most handy for making any size you want.
Stencil glue or a glue stick

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When dry, carefully peel stencil off, and use a hot dry iron to set the paint. Wear and Enjoy!

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30 July 2011 @ 03:51 pm

Made from my own pattern and some clearance G.I. Joe fabric I picked up. This will not be for sale, it's for me, but I am thinking about making more like this for the webshop. Maybe  I should stop making clothes, and just makes sleep wear lol.

Worn with short for modesty.



Plus Sized Spiderman Tunic! Coming soon to www.shinshayoriginals.com

bust- 40-50 in
Hips - 42-52in

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28 July 2011 @ 02:01 pm



Go check em all out! Tons of new stuff, and a slew of plus sized stuff is right around the corner! (it's so hard to find plus sized models!)

Also I am the new Geeky Fashion writer for Momsbasement.org I'm sure I'll post more on that soon!

Stay crafty my friends!
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27 July 2011 @ 02:23 pm

I got my main sewing machine back today so I'll be pounding out ALOT of new work aver the next few days. Remember if you see something you like, I'll give you a  great pre-sale deal on it, if you email me@ lorelei at shinshayoriginals.com

This is only partially upcycled. The Sweatshirt knit is new, and the official Hello Kitty fabric is from vintage bedsheets. The sleeve is embroidered with 'Hello Beautiful' in Pink and lavender and the font is a heart with hello kitty inside, satin stitched on with pink thread!

Well It's back to this great Super Robot Wars Mission, and the sewing machine.

"With my freeze ray I will stop-"

<3 Lorelei

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More brand new tee's for you! These should be going up in the shop in a few days so if you want something, speak up now and I'll give you a sweet pre-sale discount!

Also, not wearing make up and haven't slept in nearly 5 days, please ignore how tired I look. -_-

Official vintage Star Wars ringer tee turned into a petite babydoll (best for a lady with a smaller chest than mine ><)

Halo Princess Tank with gathered shoulders, and hips, and butterfly sleeves!

Hello boy slim fit tank! Man this one is so hard not to keep for myself it fits so perfectly and the t-shirt is so buttery soft. <3

Last is a PLUS SIZED Transformers boat neck cap sleeve tunic. It's to big for me, but I know it's going to look great on one a curvy geek girl!

Well I guess it's time to make my weekly run to the comic book shop!

<3 Lorelei

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24 July 2011 @ 04:23 pm

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My dear Friend Steph asked me to make her a skirt like the Power Rangers summer skirt that is on my webshop. But Since I'm committed to one of a kind items I told her she could pick some other bedsheets besides power rangers (also I didn't have enough PR fabric left), and she picked the Garfield I had on hand! And here is the long promised skirt I made for her!

Laying on the floor so you can see just how full the skirt is! Wearing it over my jeans doesn't do it much justice! this style of skirt looks amazing on girls that have some junk in the trunk. Saddly I have Noassatall syndrome, But Steph has a magnificent backside, that will flatter the skirt as much as the skirt will flatter her ass-ets!

They see me Twirllin'

All we need is Love and Beer,

Lorelei <3


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23 July 2011 @ 03:42 pm

Well I got a Tumblr, so I will be doing the bulk of my posting from now on over there,  BUT I have figured out how to copypasta my posts from there, to here so I will try and keep up the x-posting for those on my Flist who like it here. In a few months I will probably abandon this journal for the most part in favor of Tumblr. I've been a LJ-er since like 2002, and I love it here, but Tumblr is just more assessable for the rest of the world who doesn't love LJ as much as we do!
But Please follow me on Tumblr!  http://shinshayoriginals.tumblr.com/
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CC'd from Tumblr:

So I finished my Sochie Costume yesterday! This is just a test run of my make up and costumes. I haven't not purchased the gloves I need, so I don't have them on yet, but I will before the convention. I would call it a 8 hour costume, done over three days.

Also my hair is way long right now, I'm getting a hair cut (and a facial, yeah!) on Monday for perfect style (but not color) Sochie hair.

I forgot how much I love making cosplay. It's so fun, and makes no sense haha.

The goggles and Ring where made by Zappa_slave using his Overskill! Thye look so awesome!


I'm excited for San Japan! Now to finish my Prop for Trixie/Michi, and find a new skirt for Rally Vincent (I've lost way to much weight since I wore it last >.<)

I guess It's back to the sewing machine. Or WoW I can't really make a decision on this yet. LOL

Much love and aloha,


P.S. Take this is Dangerous to go Alone

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17 July 2011 @ 07:09 pm
Well It's been a crazy week for me, how about you?
I spent alot of the week working at the ND. Nearly finished with all the work there too. Just waiting for them to put the curtains back up, and finish painting so I can take finished pictures. It's not a huge difference from a distance, but man, those curtains where huge, dirty, and super heavy. It was pretty intense!
Got to go to the local water park with my friends on Tuesday. It was fun, but I'm realizing Water parks aren't really made for grown ups. My bottom was so scratched up it hurt to sit the next day. Perhaps I've finally grown out of the waterpark :(.
And then the other day I got to spend the day in the ER at St David's South Austin Hospital. Let me tell you what, the people at that hospital really have their shit together. It was so fast, easy, comfortable. Everyone was super nice! I've never had such a wonderful experience in an ER before. I'm alright now, having spent the better part of two day on the couch watching The Tutors and Turn A Gundam.
Haven't been doing much sewing, do to my new baby already having slipped out of time. I'm going to take her to my friendly neighborhood Singer store, where the boy who fixes the machines is smoking hot!

But I have been posting more stuff up on the webshop! Been selling a fair amount as well! Remember if you like it, buy it now, if you wait, someone might beat you to it. The blessing and the curse of one of a kinds, is there truly is only one.


Current and upcoming looks under the cut!

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I have alot of projects on my plate right now, let's review what I will be working on over the next few weeks:
Twilight princess Zelda
Twilight Princess Adult Link
OoT child Link
OoT Saria
Dr Girlfriend from Venture Brothers
Sochie Heim's Pilot Suit Turn A Gundam
Two layer summer skirt for Stephine
Laptop bag for Kira
Color Edit Princess Peach!
oh me, oh my! That's alot of sewing to do! But fear not, I am a one woman sewing Army. I'll get it all done with time to spare! Thank goodness it's not ALL for San Japan!

It'sa a bit late for 'spring cleaning' so we'll call it 'gearing up to work hard cleaning'. I have again rearranged my studio/office/study/club house, and since I finally get it the way I like I took a little video tour. I spared you having to listen to me talk, by setting it to music. One of these days I'm going to take all the videos I've made like this and put them together into some crazy remix of houses I've lived at lol.
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My darling onii-chan asked me to make him some gauntlets or gloves that would go with his steampunk urchin fashion style. So I whipped these up for him, what I'm calling my 'Sandworm Gauntlets'
It's gunna be the future soon, never seen is quite so clear.Collapse )

Well I guess I should get back to work. So much to do, so little time to procrastinate! LOL
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I just can't stop sewing! I really can't! Come see all that is new @ Shinshayoriginals.com
**Ghostbusters Plus Sized Tunic*Spiderman Bolreo*Cherubim Queen Spiked Halo*Transformers tee*Metal of Honor bolt-on vest**

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01 July 2011 @ 12:46 pm

Over a HUNDRED beautiful hand made headband have been added to Shinshay Originals Webshop in every shade of the rainbow! You're sure to find something that is just so you!
Don't miss out on my stunning SPIKED HALOS too! The perfect accent for your nights out, concerts, and mosh pits! Made in custom colors and designs!